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06 May 2010

How to straighten C-lon cord macrame, bead crochet, weaving

When designing a color pattern for a bead crochet rope,  I sometimes unravel the entire project and start over.  The cord will be very "squiggly" and  that makes it difficult to crochet the rope again.
I could move the beads to the other end and cut off that part;  but, why do that when you can easily straighten the cord with a simple method you can apply to any nylon cord.

Take a section of cord,  about 5 inches, between each hand, and  pull the cord apart  for a few seconds.  I suggest you wear kitchen gloves or some other gloves to protect your hands.  The amount of cord between your hands is about 4 or five inches and the amount of tug you will exert depends on how much curl is in the cord.  It is important to keep the tension on the cord for a few seconds or more.  Move to the next section of cord,  pull and hold.   The cord is now straightened and,  if necessary, you may repeat the process a second time.

(C-lon cord  has introduced a new weight called Fine Weight bead cord Tex 135 and is especially good for  Swarovki crystal bead and seed beads size 8.)

The results:

To shop for all kinds of threads and cords, shop at your local bead store or visit the website of Marion Hunsiker-Larsen,  micro macrame artist.

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  1. hello,
    I made a bracelet with bead crocheted but i don't know how to stop and how to end it!!! Can you help me, please