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04 April 2010

Turquoise bead crochet necklace Tips for working with size 11 seed beads

The color of the year is Turquoise.  I can't resist this beautiful color and especially like the blue/green turquoise.  The necklace is crocheted with size 11 Czech seed beads and Guterman  topstitching thread.
The purchased pendant is sterling and gemstone
Crocheting with size 11 seed beads:
A softer draping thread, such as Guterman topstitching thread will yield a rope that is more flexible than
a rope crocheted with the micro c-lon cord.  IF you are a beginner with this technique I strongly suggest using the topstitching thread and then use the micro C-lon cord to attach bead caps or toggles after the rope is finished.  C-lon micro cord is made of nylon and is unlikely to deteriorate over time and for the experienced bead crochet stitcher the tiny size 11's can slide down the thread to the rope, cutting your time in half.  The topstitching thread doesn't work as well for speed of crocheting.

Very important to verify the number of beads per row and avoid missed stitches.  Every few rows I count the beads around the top to make sure I have the correct number of beads I started with.  It is so easy to miss a bead  and later realize you have a hole in the rope where the bead should be.  This creates a misaligned twist in the rope and although you can sew a bead in later,   it's better to avoid  this altogether by checking your stitches every few rows.  If you have dropped a stitch you will need to remove only a few rows.

Give yourself permission to change the size of your hook even though the instructions state otherwise.
Lately I've been crocheting with a larger size hook and sometimes I use two different sizes for one project.
When I begin, my stitches are "rusty";  then my technique warms up,  and the crocheting goes smoothly.

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