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11 February 2010

How to add a safety chain to Bead Crochet jewelry

Materials needed: completed bracelet , 2 jumprings, 3 inch chain, pliers, safety glasses

Step one: Open one of the jumprings and put it through one the of beads located a few rows
from the clasp. The bead hole may not accomodate the jumpring because the jumpring is too small in diameter or large wire gauge. Change to a larger diameter, a smaller wire gauge or both. Experiment with the correct size. Do not close the jumpring.

Step two. Add one end of the chain to the jumpring.

Step three. Close the jumpring. Picture shows closed jumpring with one end of chain attached.

Step four. Open another jumpring and put it through a bead on the other side of the clasp. Choose a bead a few rows from the clasp and directly across from the bead on the other side.

Step five. Put the end of the chain on your jumpring and close with your pliers. You're done!

Tip: Add a dab of glue to the seam of the jumprings.
The glue will be impossible to detect and the chain won't slip through.
My original tip published in Bead and Button Magazine - June 2009.

© 2010 Susanne O’Brien All rights reserved.

Please do not distribute, lend or copy. Please give credit to the designer.

Step 1. Ope

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